About Summer Surge




About Summer Surge




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12:00PM    Registration

1:00PM      Orientation

2:00PM     Swim Test

3:00PM     Room Check-in

3:30PM     Team Competitions

5:00PM     Dinner

6:30PM     Night Service

9:00PM     Late Night

12:00AM   Lights Out

Tuesday & Wednesday

8:00AM    Breakfast

9:30AM    Morning Service

12:00PM   Lunch

1:00PM     Team Competition

3:00PM     Free Time             

5:00PM     Dinner

6:30PM     Night Session

9:00PM     Late Night Activities

12:00AM    Lights Out


8:00AM      Breakfast

8:30AM      Check Out

9:00AM      Awards Ceremony

10:00AM    Myrtle Waves Water Park

12:00PM     Lunch @ Myrtle Waves

4:00PM      Deport from Myrtle Waves

All times are subject to change.




Where is the location of Summer Surge?
    Summer Surge 2017 will be held at Myrtle Beach Christian Retreat (4105 Poinsett St, North Myrtle Beach, SC). If you would like more information about this location, you can call them at (843) 405-9525 or visit their website, mbcr.org. 

What is the cost for Summer Surge?
    This is something set by each individual church based upon transportation, and any added things necessary for the church youth group to attend Summer Surge. For exact costs, please ask the church you’d be attending Summer Surge with. The pricing will include food, lodging, and a yearly themed Summer Surge t-shirt.

How do I know that I am fully registered for Summer Surge?
    To complete registration you must:
1.    Fill out Registration Forms completely (including permission slip, waivers, and medical
2.    Present a copy of insurance card.
3.    Pay in full.

Who can attend?
    Students must be going into the 6th 12th grade in the fall of 2017 or have completed the 12th grade in the spring of 2017 to be eligible to register and attend as a youth. Adult workers must be at least 18 years of age and out of high school. Workers must be approved by their church leadership and Summer Surge staff, and they must complete a worker registration form. 

Do students need to bring extra money?
    Yes. Students will need extra money for vending machines, arcades, and any other purchases not included in the cost of Summer Surge.

Can I volunteer at camp?
    Only Churches can register to attend Summer Surge, individual teenagers and adults register through their local church.  Summer Surge doesn’t not allow individuals to check in separately without a group.  Adult requirements: Workers must be at least 18 years of age. Workers must be known by and in good standing with their church leadership and subject to a background check. 

Are there refunds?
    In the event of a cancellation, the initial $50 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If a camper or worker is a “no show” on the 1st day of Summer Surge, no refund will be made. The only exception to this rule is if a camper or worker is unable to attend because of a legitimate family or medical emergency. We will refund the Summer Surge cost minus the $50 non-refundable deposit on a case-by-case basis. 

For additional questions and concerns, contact Corey Scarlett.
Phone: (843) 661-0343 ext. 104

Email: corey@fwcchurches.com